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Austin Park
Born in Nevada
14 years
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Family Tree
Jimmi Schacht and Sarina Pineda GRADUATION TIME May 30, 2012
      Guess what?! We are graduating! Never thought it would happen. We miss you so much Austin. Every game, every dance, every banquet, and EVERYDAY, we miss you. Trust us when we say not a moment goes by when we're not thinkin of you. We know your here though, for every football game, every basketball game your here, supporting us, as well as carrying us to our victories. We are proud to say that we have pushed ourselves as hard as we can in your honor, trying to make you proud. 
      As we get ready for graduation, we hope you'll attend as well, realizing that we couldn't have gotten through without you. You will always be apart of our lives, apart of our decisions we make, and most of all apart of us.

  Jimmi Lynn Schacht and Sarina Lorraine Pineda "Baby Phat Tina"
Andrea Harris
I know that it's been a little more than two years now since your passing, but I guess that it's better late than never that I write this to you.  Well, type.
I remember back in seventh grade when I initally moved to Nevada, and we were in Mr. Sharpe's geography class.  I always thought you were the cutest one in the room, so it always made me really nervous.  I think that that's why I was so rude to you all the time.  I just didn't do well with boys who make me nervous. 
I want you to know two things.  1) I am so sorry if I ever hurt your feelings.  I know that our relationship, in PE for example, was a 'love-hate' sort of thing, but I never meant any genuine ill-will towards you.  I always admired how at the end of the day you were kind to me, through and through.  You always smiled at my stupid jokes or talked to me at appropriate intervals.  You know what I mean.
And 2) I really did think about you from time to time, even before Alex told me about you in December.  There were two or three times when briefly I wondered where you were, how you were doing, what you were doing.  I've moved so many times and lost so many people, but you always stuck out and I really could never put my finger as to exactly why. 
Alex and I were talking on the phone, and then she said, "Does the name Austin Jon Park sound familiar?"  I told her who you were, that we had PE and geography at one point together, and you were the boy with dark curly hair, and she went very silent, and then said, "Oh my god.  I remember now.  He passed away the other way."  I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond.
When I heard what happened I was in awe.  I was so sad that I'd never be able to laugh with you again, or talk to you.  I remember when you told us that story in 7th grade.  I was always curious as to how it made you feel.  You seemed kind of sad when you said it.  Almost nostalgic.
We all loved you.
Halle Niehoff

     In the 7th grade, Austin asked me to the 7th grade semi-formal at Carson Valley Middle School. As did another boy, Joey. I could not bring myself to say no to either, so I ended up going with both! ... Without telling either of them about my other date! :O It was so, so silly, but both of the guys were really great sports and it is such a hilarious story to tell now.

      Austin was the sweetest, silliest, most genuine guy. One couldn't help but break into a big, goofy smile when Austin flashed that crooked smile of his.

I think about him all the time... Love and miss you, Austin.

Jimmi Schacht
Austin, it is 8/11/10 , not a day has gone by that i dont think about you. Wen i get down i cnt help but think about all the times u have held me up wheni was weak an made me laugh when i was sad. I see your big cheesy grin an my heart warms. The memories i have with you will never fade.  You are truely in my heart forever.

Love u always,
Jessa Gansberg

One of the memories I will never forget that I had with Austin was when we were at a 4-H show in Bishop.  We were all feeding our sheep.  My lamb's head was bent down eating and Austin stepped over his neck to grab something.  Just then my lamb put his head up and realized someone was on him.  Then my lamb just took off running with Austin on his back.  Finally, I stopped my lamb and Austin fell off on to his back.  That totally made my first 4-H show so much fun.  

Douglas Sannebeck

One of my most memorable moments with Austin was when we went on a football trip and Tony and Austin started wrestleing and he fell of the bed and Tony picked him up and slammed him down on the bed. He flopped around like a fish and were laughing so hard that we all fell over and couldn't stop laughing.    I will miss you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!  

                            Thinking of you,

                                    Douglas #8!!!


Although I may have many meomories of Austin from the 5 years I knew him one in particuliar stands out.  We had gone to the Celebraity Golf Event up at Tahoe with The Park Family and Austin had a distant cousin visiting, a boy about Austins age and whom didnt speak alot of english.  They had gone to follow some celebrity golfers from hole to hole and to get autographs.  They'd been gone about 2 hours and we see Austin coming back into our tent.  His cousin was not with him.  I asked were he was and Austins reply was "Oh I thought he was following me but I havent seen him for a while".  I laughed and replied to Austin do you think you should try and go find him by retracing your steps?  He said " I guess I could try but look what I got"  it was an autograph by a big clelebrity and he was so excitted he had gotten it and lost track of his cousin.  Don't worry, about 1 hour later Austin and his cousin found each other but Austin in the mean time had got more autographs.  You had to love Austin for his laid back outlook and the fact that he could make you smile and laugh with out even knowing why or how he did it.  Austin I miss you and only hope that some day I have the chance to see you again in heaven.  ONE BIG HUG!!!!!!!!!

A memory i teasure with my brother was last year at the Celebrity Golf Tournament.. We (Sierrea, Me, Austin, Thomas and Sol) were at the afterwards dinner in the club house. We were really bored and  decided to walk around. We went down stairs and we found the celebrity locker room. Sierra and Austin just walked in the room and was snooping through all of the lockers! Of course, Sol, Thomas and I stayed behind to watch these insane and stupid people do that. When we heard 3 loud voices and we ran up the stairs leaving Austin and Sierra behind. They ran into the showers and kept quiet. In the room, there were 3 celebrities. One of them was Charles Barkley. They stayed quiet til they saw the 3 figures leave the room. I will always remember that fun memory with my brother!!
Quinton McCarthy
 I will never forget austin at dances and how he use get realy low to the song low rider
Cora N. Rader

I will never forget all the good times with you. There have been so many. I remember when we went to a basketball game in Reno and you were practicing your "mating call" on all the ladies. Then we went to a buffet and you made me eat all this weird exotic food like swordfish, oysters and clams. hahaha. And when we went to your house and you were showing off on the trampoline and you did a flip and hit your foot on the ceiling of your shed. That was funny. I remember on our way to Yerington for AO when Mrs. Francois got pulled over for speeding and the second the cop left you said "smooth" like a smart alec. AND you didn't have your seatbelt on when we got pulled over! We've had some good times. One of my favorite memories was when we were dating and i came to your house for New Year's. You showed off for me the whole night. First, your dad said he doubted you could eat one of those jalepenos so you stuffed one in your mouth, acting all cool and a second later you were at the sink drinking water out of the hose because it was soo hit. lol. And when we were in the hot tub and you got out and acted all cool but then you slipped and fell on the ice. I really miss all the good times with Austin but he will be in my heart forever. I love and miss you so much.

Rachelle Rader

Austin, I was just remembering, with state right around the corner, all of the fun times we had in FFA. I remember the first trip you joined us was NJLS. WOW! What a blast. I knew that all of our future FFA trips together would be SO much fun with you with us. I was right...sure enough when summer camp came around and you started off the fun right off the bat. From the second you got into the "shaggin wagon" with me, you had me laughing SO hard. With your constant singing of "Lollipop" by lil wayne and your silly dancing, then the way you worried about your hair so that all the Ladies would think you were hot. Haha I remember the way you reacted when the first "hot chicks" arrived...Gosh, you were such a ladies man...Every time i turned around and saw you, you were with ANOTHER pretty girl and whether you were dancing, swimming, or just hanging out, you were surrounded by goggling, smiling girls. Then, when the first SLC dance came around and the girls were suprised with your hilarious dancing...thats when the dancing lessons were needed, which I provided, came into play lol.Hmm maybe I'm not that great either, if you know what I mean... I remember greenhand at the beginning of the year on the bus at whatever time we had to be there, you fell asleep and no one could wake you up. You were stretched out across the very back seat of the bus, so I decided that there were no other way to wake you up except, well, i sat on you and shouted. haha well that didnt quite wake you up either until i mentioned that his girlfriends were there too.  You weren't always that silly, though. I respected the fact that I could depend on you for helping me get all the other greenhands to settled down and pay attention. You were a great role model for others around you. You would know when it was time to be serious too.I enjoyed your help in putting on the FFA halloween dance and encouraging your fellow stubborn classmates to come. It turned out great as you know. When you put your mind to something and make it a masterpeice and not only in FFA, but althetics, academics, and your family too.


Austin, you were a great friend, fellow FFA member, student, and at times you felt like a little brother to me. I love and miss you a ton. You will be in my thoughts all next week and we will ALL miss your goofy dancing at tomorrow night's prom. I'm sure your spirit will be there smiling at us, and guiding me through next weeks competition.


Love ya



I was a friend of austins through the ffa. me and him had some great times together at the camps and meetings. He will always be in my heart and mind. He was one of the coolest people i know. And i know that he is watching over us.


Kayla Hunter

The first time that Molly let me drive Austin home, he sat in the back right behind me. Him and i were still both kind of shy so we didnt talk much, except for him complaining about how hungry he was. So , the ride home was kinda quiet except for some munching which i thought maybe he was eating leftover lunch or something. So i drop him off and when i got home my dad says "hey i left my chips in the back of ur truck can u go get them please?" As soon as he said that i was like " oh no." I get out to my truck only to find an empty bag of chips... crumbs and all... and some cheesy fingerprints on my door handle. When i got to school the next day Austin comes up to me and says " Thanks for the ride home... I owe you a bag of chips"

Always missin' you Austin 


Aril Cushing

       Austin, I don't even know what to say! I think about you every single day that passes! I just received a letter from your parents today at school, you have no idea how hard that was! I cryed all day! I miss you so much, I will never forget the times we had! The first time I layed eyes on you, I thought, Oh my GOD! He's gorgeous! Your weren't just that, you were amazing! Kid you will never ever be forgotten! Ever! We had so much fun being Dirt Devils! Should have been brown bears or something fun like that, but there was some odd reason we didn't get to be! I always feel like your with me, where ever I go, your big cheesy grin is right behind me! There will always be a reserved spot in my hear for you!

       Austin I miss you so much and really wish I still had you in my life. I've come to find out life doesn't work like that! I feel so much for your family! They are probably the most brave family I've ever met. You were sure good to then and everyone around you, even the people you barley knew. 
       I love you always and forever Austin Jon Park. Don't ever forget that you were loved by everyone! Rest in peace sweetheart!

Dustin Peterson

I will never forget in football we would always be paired up in every drill. And eventhough we played the same position and we would always switch in and out of plays and we would tell the whole team the play, but i will neverforget how after everytime we would switch in and out i would give you a hive five or you would give me one.


Brooke (Sissy)

my fondest memories with my brother was traveling. Every where we went, we had a great time.  Even when we would get in trouble, we made things worse by goofing around.  I remember  all times when we were young, bathing our first cat, Louie. And trying to make him eat candy.  i miss you and  you will always be loved.



Cherise Weatherford

Austin, I got the privilage of meeting you and getting to know you. You played your first year of basketball out in smith, and I came to all of your games. The way you used to shoot the basketball with your arms pushed out weird, one leg kicked back in the air, and your tongue sticking out. That image will always be in my mind. Everytime i would come down the hallways in school you would always be standing somewhere just smiling. That smile had an impact on everyone, and I will never forget it. One thing I will never forget were those late night phone calls when you would call me singing your new favorite song. Then your mom would be coming down the hallway to see if you were awake still and you would say "O shnap my mums coming". You always made an impact on peoples lives whenever you met new people. I'm so glad I got the privilage to meet you and make the funnest memories with you. You will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you. I miss you so much already.


Love you and Miss you,


Kylie had her 5th birthday party at the roller rink in Reno.  Brookie was coming to the party and Molly and Austin were dropping her off at the roller rink.  I asked Molly if Austin could stay so that he and I could roller skate together.  There were all the little kids at Kylie's party skating and then there were Austin and me skating together the entire party.  We had so much fun and he laughed so hard watching how good his Nana could skate.  We raced each other, twirled in circles together and I taught him how to do "shoot the duck" and we both laughed so hard.  That was such a very special time I had with Austin.  I will skate with you again Austin. I love you.
Rachelle A. Rader

A year ago today my family and I spent New Years with the Park Family. From the moment we got there until 2am when we left the mood was incredibly held up by the presense of Austin. He and his normal teenage boy self, would show off in any possible way to make us smile. I remember in one instance he figured that he was tough and said "O ya i eat jalepenos all the time" and like a stud thinkin he was hot stuff he put it into his mouth. Within moments his eyes we watering and his face was bright red! He rushed over to the kitchen sink, turned on the water full blast and soaked his face and mouth with the cool water! Geez, some stud huh? LOL! Later that night after partying in the loft, soakin in the hot tub, and lots of FOOD and celebration, he had another brilliant idea: To walk around the block banging pots and pans and screaming at the top of our lungs. At the time it didn't seem so great, but I tell ya once we were done, there were no regrets! Austin, you also always impressed me with your incredible knowledge when we played the celebrity game HAHA! you always were in touch with the drama in hollywood! I love you and miss you!

W/ love <3

Always, Rachelle

Kaitlin Nichols

I have been trying to post this memory for a while....But this will be official. This was a fun time a few years ago when Brooke and I were at one of Austin's football games. Brooke and I were bored so we decided to have some fun with Austin. We went up to the guy who was announcing the game and told him that #77 was "Birthday Boy". Ounce he annouced it infront of the croud Brooke and I coudn't help but to laugh so hard! Austin might have been a bit embarassed but we all had fun afterwards. It was a time I will never forget.

I love you Austin!

baylee robinson

wow! it is so hard to say good bye, but when the time comes and we must part we can only help but cry. as i look back on all the memories we shared years back i can only laugh and remember how funny you were!!!!!! brooke and i were best buds and we would hang out all the time. i remember at one of brookes birthday parties the tumbleweeds team tee-peeded your room top to bottom...haha!! i remember you and your dad were not home at the time but right when you walked into your room the look on your face and  huge smile MADE US FALL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!! then a couple weeks later when brooke and i were having a sleep over you walked out of your room and you were holding a huge wad of toilet paperHEHEHE !!!i will never forget that and the time we went to the golf tournament and and you asked donalad trump to tell you you were fired and he siad "your fired you little b****!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............... we all had a blast i will NEVER FORGET YOU AUSTIN!!XOXO


Joe Ahart

Most of you may not know me, but I was one of Austin's good friends.  I have many fond memories of Austin, that span from the time I was in 4th grade to very recently.  Austin, as I remember, was always radiant with life and energy.  That is after he woke up at 10 in the morning.  I always enjoyed doing stuff with him.  Stuff being everything from skiing up at Heavenly, swimming at Lake Tahoe, Boating at Topaz, airsofting at my place, playing hide and go seek with the Rich twins and many other friends, and seeing crazy movies.  But a memory that will always remain with me, partly because I was extremely scared when it happened, would be the time when we were in the French Alps together at my grandfathers cabin/chalet.  The cabin was built on a very steep hill and has a little forest next to it.  And so the story begins where my little brother and sister were at the bottom of the steep slope and we (me and austin) were above.  And somehow, one of us, I don't cleary remember who, suggested that we roll rocks down the hill so that they would hit my siblings.  The rocks started out small, but soon they became bigger, and bigger.  And then I see Austin emerge from the small forest with a rather large piece of cement that weighed at least 10 pounds or so.  We continued the process and gave the cement a good start.  It started rolling and rolling, faster and faster, carried down at velocity greater than the others.  It hits my little brother as he is running away from it.  He is fully leveled off the ground and hits the ground hard.  But the rock keeps rolling attaining greater speed.  And then, Our worst fears come true.  It hits a parked car, and a lady runs out of a house yelling at us profusely in French.  We try duckng so she does not see us.  But it is too late.  I yell sorry, but that does not help against the ceaseless tirade the old woman is giving us.  So we go and get our parents and they make us look the lady straight into her bloodshot eyes and say sorry. 

      Its funny now that I look back on it.  We didn't really do that much to her car.  Just a huge dent in her hubcap. 

      I will sincerely miss memories like these.  Austin, I'm not a very religious person, but if there is a heaven, I hope you are having a good time, man.  You will always be guarded in the hearts of all the people you know.  I love you like a little brother (maybe big) man.

     With love and memories,


Fr. Jorge Herrera

Dear Austin,


As you walk around in Heaven look down on us and don't forget us.  Now you know how many people cared for you.  You were able to bring together hundreds of people that cried with your parents, sister, grandparents and family your sudden departure.  I didn't get to know you that much but you did make an impact in my life.  As a write these sentences in this website I know that you already know what I am writing and that's why I ask you to send a very special blessing upon your parents, sister and upon those of us who have mourned your departure.   I know that we are going to see each other again in Heaven where there is no sadness, limits, ending, suffering, pain or tears but only joy and life forever, so until then intercede for us before God that we can make it over there, take care of your parents and of all us that will keep your memory in our minds and hearts.  Hasta la vista o hasta luego.  "But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like one thousand years and a thousand years like one day."  II Peter 3,8.

With Love Fr. Jorge Herrera



kenady howard

dear austin.

i knew you for such a short time. but that shotrt time felt like forever. but like i have told so many people for ever just wasnt enough. when i fisrt met you i was a little down in the dumps but you made me smile right off the bat. i knew we would be friends forever. no words can express how much i miss you

you will forever live in my heart austin jon.


i miss you so much

 love kenady

Taylor Gray

Hey Austin!


We miss you.  I wish I could see your lovely smile just once more.  I can't say that would be enough for forever, but it would be enought for the moment.  When I heard you were gone, really really gone, I couldn't believe the words that were hitting my ears.  The short time I knew you, it felt like it would be forever.  I guess forever can't always be as long as we want.  We miss you.  I can't say it enough.

With love,

Taylor Gray

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