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Austin Park
Born in Nevada
14 years
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Family Tree
Jimmi Schacht

Austin-   wow I dont even know what to say first. I guess i will start with I loved how you were such a great friend to me and you would always listen to me.  I'm going to miss you so much, how you smile, have a come back to everything, and even how you dance...HaHa... I miss you so much I love you.


Darby Mattinson
Park Family
      I am in deep sorrow to here about your son, friend, and brother's death.  Austin was truly an angel from heaven.  He had left his marks here on Earth and it was time for him to leave us all behind.  He still is keeping watch over you every second of every day.  And he'll be waiting for you at the gates of heaven when it is your turn to leave the world.  But I don't think he would like us being sad for a long time.  So think of all the good memories that makes us laugh or smile.  He would sure like that.
   You're in my thoughts and prayers at all times.
Brett Ferrari
From the time you came into C.C and moved on into C.V.M.S we were friends, and to hear of your passing i think it is fair to say for everyone that you will be missed. In 7th grade you wrote about how your life ambitions were to travel to France when you were older, and now you can go freely with no troubles, and continue on in life as you watch over those close to you. Although I may not have seen you in several years because I left, the last memory I shared with you was a laugh and a smile. Life here in this world is hard, and it seems hardest on the best of people, people that are the shining light in peoples lives. That is the may many could describe you, just a light that was always there even in the darkest of times.
-You will be missed dearly by all, Rest In Peace and may you always live on.
~Brett Ferrari
Chelsea Wilson

my most fondest memoris of Austin is in 7th grade we had leadership togerher

we were talking about the semi-formal dance. i ask austin if he danced and he said no but i could tell that he loveed it HAHAHA. well i told him to show me his moves!!!! Lets just say he would never be a very good shakiera inpersonater.HAHA i could always count on austin the make me laugh when i was down. if it werent for austin i would have never have had friends. he encourged me to be me and he always told how wonderful i was and i loved that about him he always for the postives in life. Well i love you austin i wish i could spend more time with you here on earth. I hope you will be waiting for Austin. I expect to see you big beautiful smile next time i see you we all know that every time we saw you were smiling and then we would smile he was just an all around happy kid..To his family my thoughts and prays we all know that life is to short.But we knew that we need to keep moving forward sometimes God has his different plans for all of us Austins was to be a gaurdein angle for his family and friends. In loving memoie of someone great.

Chelsea Wilson
my most fondest memorie of Austin would have to be in the 7th grade in our leadership class. i was talking to Austin about the semi-formal and how much fun it was going to be. i asked him if he liked to dance and he denied it but i knew secrectly he loved it. i told him to show me his moves well lets just say he would have never been in a shakiera vidoe. Austin thanks for all of the laughs and times we spent together i will never forget valentines day of the semi-formal or 7th grade year for that matter. if it werent for you Austin i dont think i would have made very many friends you encourged me to be myself and you were the only one who told me i was great for me. i love you austin and i  hope that you knew that. <3333
Courtney French
Austin you were such a cute kid and when i herd the news i couldn't believe it.
Chris Hardy
I loved to watch the returning 22 run around the field and i enjoyed coaching him! i will never forget the giant smile that he always had on his face when i would tell him that he needs to start running over guys instead of getting ran over, he would just smile and say ok. It was a pleasure to meet him and know him. He was Handsome, smart, and athletic. you will always be in our hearts and by our side!
Amy Rice
I for sure won't ever forget Austin. He was always just so nice, no matter what. I used to talk to him in 7th grade, until he moved. and then i didn't see him very often. I saw him at the Celebrity Golf Tournement during summer. I told him that him and I should hang out sometime. I guess we never got around to it. but i sure wish we could have. he was a great friend. i'm going to miss him a lot. you guys are in my prayers. i love you guys so much.
Justin Newcomb
Austin was a kid everyone could easily get a long with. I remember him being right next to my gym locker in 7th grade. Now whenever I see that locker it will only bring pain and sorrow. Austin was easily the most gifted athlete in our class and we will be missed dearly. Possibly the one thing i can always remember is when we were running the mile and he'd always be the first one done. While we were still running nothing but compliments came out of his mouth. Austin for the brief time that i knew you it's been such an honor. To easily the most well manared kid I know, Justin Newcomb
Savannah Miller
So, my most missed memory, was in 5th grade, Mrs Hacklers class. Me and Austin sat next to each other, and he said, "wanna see somethin', its really funny!" And of cource i said Yeah! So he stood up, pulled up his shirt, and did a "belly dance." HAHA. When i first heard about this tragedy, that was the FIRST thing that came to my mine. His smile will never leave my mind. All I see is him laughing. There was hardely a tiem when Austin wasnt smiling or being smart, or laughing, or telling a joke. He was my best guy friend in 5th grade. Everytime me and Brittany Wilson got in a fight, he would be the one i would spill my thoughts out too. We would hang out at recess when i want in a fight with him. I rememberwhen we got our pictures, Austin and I looked at them, and we automatically wanted to do retakes. Both of our pictures had a thick black smudge at the top of our pictures. When he moved, i always wanted to know where he moved to. I Wanted to see him again. I missed him. He always made me laugh. And, i miss him. I love you Austin. I will never forget the memories you and I shared. Save me a spot buddy. <3 Your in a better place now. 
Brittany Wilson

I remember Austin, Connor, and Cooper sold tickets to everyone to see Chani Frazier and this other kid Austin Martin kiss. It was so funny. He was the class clown in our class, and his sense of humor brought smiles to everyone's faces. We made so many memories and I'll never forget them. Austin, I know many people say they'll miss you, but I won't. Cause I know you'll always be with me, right here in my heart. I'll always remember you.



Cassidy Radtke
 I will NEVER ever forgot Austin, he was the sweetest kid ever..... he always had a great BIG smile on his face! Then after looking at his smile you would end up smiling... he was and AWESOME friend to all of us... we will always remember him and miss him.... You guys are in my prayers...
If you need anything call us....:)

Justin Tenney
Austin you were always one of the coolest kid I knew when I heard the news I didnt want believe it.  And then I just had a flashback of when I met you in like pee wee all the way through Midget you were always so happy you will always be remembered I just hope one day that I will be able to see you at the top.
R.I.P. Austin Park
Ryan Rader

I WILL MISS YOU ALOT AUSTIN!! My favorite memory is the time I spent the night after that amazing college basketball game. When we saw that tiny red head girl in a car seat and made that remix of "Low" which went somewhat like this " The carseat with straps turned around and gave those pampers a slap she hit the brakes next thing you know shorty got low low low low". Then we went to dinner at Atlantis and made us eat all that different types of seafood and other things. After that I begged my dad to let me go over to your house for the night. When he let me I was so grateful of him. When we woke up the next morning we went to round up your steers (which took a half an hour). We then rode around in the rhino until your mom said we were taking too sharp of turns around the middle pen. Thats when Brooke got home and we rode around on the quad and rhino. Shortly after we left. That was my greatest memory with you and I miss you and will keep that memory in my heart. I <3 u and your family.    

Kaitlin Capra

What can i say about austin? no i think the better question is what CAN'T I say? Austin ment alot to me and he was a big part of my life. He was the person who could make me laugh and smile no matter what. If i was having a bad day or if i was upset i would go up to him and he would always brighten up my day. No matter how he was feeling he always had the biggest smile on his face. That is how i will always remember him. Smiling and singing his silly songs. I remember when austin asked me to organize his binders. on one of his notebooks he had the chorus to the song bleeding love on it. After that, that became our song. we would go around the school singing, " i don't care what they say im in love with you!" everytime i listen to that song i am going to think of him. another thing i remember is the Halloween dance. we danced to got money and sexy can i and swing. he is so much fun to dance with!!! dances will never be the same without him. We laughed together, smiled together, danced together, and once even cried together. It pains me greatly knowing he is gone, but i am so glad to have had the chance to know him while he was here. He was that wonderful sparkle in my life and in many others. I know that he is still smiling and singing where he is now. That makes me smile just thinking about it . He never judged me when he heard what other people were saying about me. i remember that after bingo night this year he could have judged me like many others but no he just kept on making me laugh. That is one of the things that made him the wonderful person that he was. I will always and forever keep him close to my heart. I miss you austin and i will see you again someday.  "forever and ever baby" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH


Kaitlin Capra " I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love..."

Rachelle Rader
Austin- the good times we spent together are forever in my mind...I will never forget New Years 2008, when we spent the night at your house! From the time we got there, to the loft, the hot tub, and walking around the block banging pots and pans, that goofy, yet friendly smile on your face never left! I  will never  forget you and you will be loved and remembered forever in my heart <3 Love your Big Sis!
Andrew D Tuell
The first time i met Austin was at kids club. He got board there so he hung out with my mom. My teacher told me about him and I didn't know that it was him at first. Then my mom told me who it was and I was crushed. I used to hang out with him at kids club sometimes.
From Andrew Tuell

Austin had a smile that would light up the room.  I enjoyed being his leader in kids club  at Minden Elementary.  I havent seen him since 6th grade but I am truly saddened by his loss and will miss him!!!!!
Kristen Tuell
Chani Frazier
Austin was in my fifth grade class, and i remember him, connor, and cooper i believe, all had people pay and get tickets to see me and this other kid austin martin kiss. They had to write me apology notes, and i always thought it was really funny. I also remember he was in my reading group and we would go out into the hall and "read". That never happened, but we all had so much fun. Im really going to miss that, and every other time after i saw him. No matter what, Austin, you'll always be in my memories, and in my heart; Im going to miss you so much.  
Cory Dillon


I remember when we went to your house in Tahoe and we went on a hike and you said you knew where you were going but we ended up getting lost.  We had a great time up their playing football and any games we could think of. And we always seemed to get locked out.  Playing football with you was a great experiance and i loved playing with you.  It was a great time.  Thanks for being a great friend.  I will always remember you,


Cory Dillon

Jenny Hemsath
The first time I saw Austin at the Smith Valley School, I asked "Who it that?  I know that face!"  I hadn't seen Austin since he was 4 or 5 years old and on the same wrestling team as my son, Trevor.  The same cute little face and the one and only smile everyone knows, had not changed.  I will remember the two of them together; little wrestling suits, football uniforms, and just good friends.  He will be missed by the many who were blessed to have known him.
Courtney French
When our family and the Park family was camping out at Walker River and we had dinner with them and we roasted smore's and his lil' sis Brooke spent the night in our trailer.I will never forget that night:]] Austin was such a god kid and he will be missed so much.
Staci Vick
I will never forget your witty remarks and your sparkling personality.  You truly shined and made your presents known when you entered a room.  Though I have many memories of you one that I really remember is one time during open gym someone had commented on how hair his legs where and without even thinking about it he replied..."Keeps me warm in the winter!"  He was always good for a good laugh.  I'll never forget his laugh, it was contagious.   You are amazing and you will continue to do great things!  One day I will see you again!  Keep smiling!
Scott & Krys Rader
We have never seen a teenager, let alone an adult, attack a seafood buffet with such vigor.   The Atlantis lost money on your visit that night. Bravo!
Randi and Frank Hunewill

As God comforts you and holds you, we promise to follow through with your life. We loved you for all that you represented. You were kind, giving and most of all loving.  You always cared about everyone else before yourself. You definitely had the dangberg smile.  As I look at our relatives they share your happiness.  Sometimes life is shorter than we expect, but you have a ton of accomplishments to share with all the angels. Your mom and dad and sister love you more than you could every imagine.  Don't worry we will make sure Sierra gets your approval before she marries the right guy.  Words cant describe the hole in our heart at this time.  We love ya and miss you! 

Frank and Randi

The Dillon Family

Jon, Molly, and Brooke,


I remember all of those football nights out at Stodick Park - Jon would be coaching Austin, Molly and I would on the sidelines yacking about who knows what, and Brooke had her little bunny that all the kids adored.  Those memories of their last year in Pop Warner will always stay with me - the rides we gave Austin to the away games and listening to Austin and Cory talk about how they would knock the other team down.  Austin would just smile that wonderful smile!


That weekend at your house in Tahoe will be a special memory of family and friends, and how the kids just hiked, played football, baseball and all those kid things that they did.  We will miss Austin terribly.  He will always be in our hearts and you in our prayers.

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